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Lotus Bass Guitar

If you are looking for a cheap, collectible guitar, Lotus bass guitars may be what you're looking for. Manufactured between the late 1970s and the late 1990s, these guitars were copies of popular brand name guitars such as Gibson and Fender. These guitars, while being copies, were surprising in how well made they were for the price they cost. Ranging between 130 and 250 dollars US, these instruments were often bought because they were affordable.

However, Lotus bass guitars come with the distinct disadvantage of the fact they are clones. While they were popular for being affordable, the brand died out due to two factors. First, they were made in Japan and India, which is far from the American made guitars that have won the hearts of many musicians. Second, there was no original models made. As many people like originality, especially when it comes to musicians, this resulted in the brand's downfall.

Lotus bass guitars were not typically used for professional purposes. However, high end Lotus bass guitars, through modification by installing non-Lotus parts, created a distinctive sound that was used by some bands when the instruments were readily available. The guitars that were used for these purposes are worth slightly more than base line Lotus bass guitars.

If you want Lotus bass guitars, you will have to get them used. As they are no longer manufactured, this can make acquiring Lotus branded parts for these guitars difficult. In many cases, you may have to buy another Lotus guitar to find original parts for yours if it becomes damaged. This can help you make your Lotus bass guitars last longer. It is important to remember that you will need to take extra care of your Lotus guitars due to the fact they can no longer be replaced.

If you have used Lotus bass guitars and need a new guitar, you may want to consider researching the type of guitars that yours was cloned from. As all Lotus bass guitars were based off of the sound and style of guitars of other leading brands, you may be able to buy a new guitar of the brand that your Lotus was based off of.

As the styles and sounds were mimicked, you can get the same style of instrument. As the quality of the original styles of guitars tends to be higher than what Lotus offered, you may have to pay slightly more for better sound, durability and general quality of your original Lotus.