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Hofner Bass Guitar

Hofner bass guitars are one of the world's most prestigious brands of bass guitars that you can buy. Founded in 1887, the company has enjoyed a worldwide following since before World War I. As one of the older electric bass guitar companies, and a company fundamental in the development of electronic and acoustic blend guitars, Hofner bass guitars has enjoyed a reputation of quality that is rivaled by few companies.

Like many of the prestigious brands on the market, Hofner bass guitars are available online or in local retail stores. They range in products for the beginning player to the master, allowing anyone of any rank to enjoy the sound and quality of their guitars in a price range that is reasonable.

The first step in selecting Hofner bass guitars for purchase is finding out what type of guitar you want. Hofner carries all primary types of bass guitars, ranging from the short scale to the six string long scale. They also sell hybrid acoustic and electric bass guitars, which produce a unique sound. Knowing what type of guitar you want can help you determine which model will best serve your needs.

If you are looking for something a little over the top or exotic, there are many Hofner vintage guitars that can make centerpieces in any collection. Ranging from the Hofner 'Beatles Bass' guitar to the elegant 182 Professional Bass, there is bound to be a vintage model that will fit your collection. With over twenty five types of vintage Hofner bass guitars, with several vintage types having several models, there are enough types that are official vintage to allow a collector to enjoy variety as well as prestige.

For the average person, Hofner bass guitars have a reputation for quality and beauty. Their appearance, a pride of the German based company, is well known among those who are enthusiastic about guitars. Using a combination of clean lines and good sound quality, these instruments are not only made to last, they are made to be noticed.

If you are interested in purchasing Hofner bass guitars, you will want to make sure you have the correct care kits. While beautiful and having great sound, you need to maintain these instruments. While they are not fragile, all instruments require some maintenance to keep their quality high.

All Hofner bass guitars have warranties when purchased new. If you are purchasing a used Hofner bass guitars, you will want to make certain that the instrument is in good shape prior to purchase.