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If you want to learn how to play bass guitar without hiring an expensive  bass teacher and at the flexibility of your own time and privacy, a bass guitar DVD course may be just the thing you are looking for.

Bass guitar lessons on DVDs offer you the convenience of learning bass at home and at anytime of the day. Furthermore, a comprehensive bass guitar lesson course will cost only a fraction of what you would pay a private teacher*.

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  Teach Me Bass Guitar

Teach Myself Bass Guitar

Rating  9.8/10

Ease of Use Perfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch Course
Effectiveness Perfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch Course
Suitable Musician Level Perfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePlay By Ear
Customer Support Perfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch Course
Cost* Perfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch CoursePerfect Pitch Course
* Cost of Private Lessons: $2000/yr 
 Teach Me Bass Guitar: $187.50/one-time 
Perfect Pitch Training

Teach Me Bass Guitar  :

10 Full Length DVDs

16 Hours of DVD Lessons

100+ Video Play-Along Tracks

Detailed 162 Pg Coursebook

Extensive Loop Library

Direct Email Access For Teacher Support

Forum Support & Video Tips and Tricks

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"The most comprehensive Bass Guitar Course that outshines the rest of the competition....." 

Teach Me Bass Guitar - Undisputed #1 Course

Teach Me Bass Guitar is the winner of the prestigious 1st Place Telly Award for excellence in video production, and 1st Place AEGIS award for excellence in education.

Teach Me Bass Guitar features Roy Vogt as your instructor. He is the first person to ever received a Masters degree in Electric Bass performance at a prestigious music school - University of Miami. His impressive resume includes teaching at a university level for thirty years and being the bass professor chair at prestigious Belmont University (Nashville, TN).

In his 40 year career, Roy has recorded or performed with an amazing list of top stars, including Larry Coryell, Gerald Veasley, Victor Wooten and many more. With such comprehensive bass guitar teaching experiences and knowledge,  Roy Vogt is the ideal bass teacher to guide you through your bass guitar playing journey.

An overview of the lessons expected:

Teach Me Bass Guitar is perfect for anyone who wants to learn the bass guitar. This course covers everything from the very basics of bass guitar playing through the most advanced techniques such as slapping and popping.

Popular styles such as jazz, reggae, samba, salsa, rock and etc.. are taught with great depth in a series of step-by step bass guitar tutorials.

Our Teach Me Bass Guitar Review:

We found the lessons to be very professional and well structured. It’s simply amazing how Roy Vogt arranges each lesson with a logical, step-by-step format such that the student will never feel lost.

What we really liked about this course is that the different aspects of bass guitar playing are taught while playing to familiar music genres and great sounding exercises. This injected a lot of fun and excitement while enabling the complete beginner to play the bass guitar almost instantly!

Intermediate bass guitar lessons such as Swing Time Feel, Jazz Soloing, Double Thumbing, Bass Slapping, improvisation and different styles of bass playing are also concisely covered in this course. The lessons are laid out in a manner which is challenging to stimulate us and yet simple enough such that we were never left frustrated. This made us feel like we had accomplished a great deal after each lesson and kept us motivated through the entire course.

Whatever your learning style: auditory, visual, or hands-on; whether you prefer sheet music, close-up visuals of the right and left hands, or the magic of TMBG's real-time onscreen fretboard, TMBG has them ALL.

In short, the quality of the bass lessons is a clear *Winner*


TMBG provides a terrific 24/7 online support forum where students can interact, raise questions and receive advice from fellow students and the course instructors including Roy Vogt himself.

Teach Me Bass Guitar Pricing:

At  a price of USD$187.50, this course is slightly more expensive than most of the other courses we had reviewed. However, if you are really serious in learning the bass guitar, this quality course is worth every single cent paid and way cheaper than private bass teachers.

The TMBG course is covered with a 90-day full fledged no questions asked refund policy. There is absolutely NO RISK at all for you to try this course. Once you try this course and see REAL results, I guarantee you won't be sending this awesome course back.


"Although I am not yet to lesson 4 of Teach Me Bass Guitar, I really do like the program so far, and am very anxious to get back at it. And that is one of the great features of this program, the ability to stop and jump back in at your own pace. I'm working on it, and feel it was a great choice for me to further my knowledge and ability on the bass."

- K. Chrona
Sydney, Australia


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Still unsure? Check out the screenshots from lessons in Teach Me Bass Guitar course.

bass lessons on dvd     dvd bass guitar lessons

Keypointers are always highlighted to reinforce learning with real time fretboard overlayed in lessons.

bass guitar lessons     bass guitar lessons on dvd

 Clear and precise demonstrations of bass teacher from various camera angles.

Sample Teach Me Bass Guitar Lesson - Time Signatures

 teach me bass guitar dvds