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Bass Guitar Chords

When learning how to play the bass guitar, bass guitar chords will be one of the first things that you are taught. Chords, or a combination of notes on different strings played in a certain order, are combined to create music. Bass guitar chords are simple to learn, but difficult to master. When you begin taking lessons, you will learn the most basic of bass guitar chords, and how they are used to create simple melodies. These chord sets are then used to create more difficult forms of music.

You can download bass guitar chords online, or purchase them at retail stores. These chords usually include a diagram of the chord and finger placements, as well as suggestions for their use. Good chord charts will include basic strategies on the use of the chord, as well as other chords that work well with the one you are learning.

The first step in learning bass guitar chords is to familiarize yourself with the strings and frets that they use. Position your fingers over the correct fret and strum the strings in the correct order. Change to a different chord, and resume the correct finger position to the new chord you are learning. This will begin the process of training your fingers to automatically go to the correct frets.

It does not matter which chords you play when you're learning a new one. Any combination will do. You can even use two new chords together to learn two at one time. It is suggested that you use at least one you are comfortable with as a starting ground, as your fingers will know which frets to go to immediately. This will let you concentrate on the new bass guitar chords that you are working on.

When you look up new bass guitar chords, you will need to make sure that your chords are compatible with your type of bass guitar. Many short, medium and long scale chords can be used regardless of the type of instrument that you own. Four string, five string or six string chords are not usually compatible due to the differences in the number of strings.

The most simple of chords will have finger combinations that only use two or three strings instead of all four. It is suggested that beginners use easier chords when starting to learn, and work their way up to four, five or six string chords. At most, only four fingers will be used at one time on any given chord. Where it gets difficult, especially in the case of five or six string chords, is selecting the right fret on the right string. More difficult chords may also have uncomfortable finger positions.

Practice is the key to learning bass guitar chords. If you are serious about learning the guitar, you should make certain you spend at least four or five times the amount of time you have spent on a lesson practicing the skills taught in that lesson.